We are looking for Business Analysts to bridge line of business and the IT development teams to facilitate the requests for IT solutions.​

For a role like this, we’re typically looking for candidates that hold a bachelor's or master's degree in Business, Engineering or other relevant fields. On top of that, we look for candidates with a good comprehension of IT and some experience with optimising projects or implementing IT systems. From this experience, the candidates should have demonstrated solid analytical skills and the ability to seek best practice solutions. Presenting findings and solutions is also part of the role, which requires the candidates to have some experience with PowerPoint, Excel or other relevant visualization tools. You’ll also be asked to drive or facilitate a workshop or activity once in a while, so to be able to gather requirements is another part of the role – and experience with tools like Miro and Visio can thus be beneficial. Depending on the job level, the necessary amount of experience varies.​

For personal skills, we typically need business analyst candidates to be pretty strong communicators and facilitators. Hence, fluency in written and spoken English is essential. In addition, good interpersonal skills are necessary, because the roles require the ability to build good relations across many global areas.​