Business Finance is a dynamic organization of ~70 people working in HQ from ~15 different nationalities, and ~500 people located in India. The department is responsible for financial planning and analysis as well as liquidity and risk management. In Business Finance, we create value through data-driven insights across the entire value chain, from Research to Sales and everything in between. The culture in business finance is centered around teamwork and driving impact across the organisation. People are our most valuable asset hence we focus on attracting, developing and retaining talent. We actively support professional development through rotations and capability building. Business Finance serves as talent incubator for the Global Finance organisation, and alumni have taken up senior (management) positions across the world.

The R&D Finance team act as finance partners to the global Research & Development organisation which reflects an annual budget of 21 bDKK. R&D Finance represents Business Finance in various executive and senior management groups and the individual finance partners in the team act as functional CFOs towards the respective R&D areas and are often part of the local management team. A job in R&D Finance offers a unique opportunity to work in the interface between Finance and the R&D areas who are responsible for bringing innovation to patients while being exposed to a diverse set of tasks ranging from strategic resource allocation, portfolio prioritisation and business development cases.

Staffs Finance is responsible for finance partnering towards 3 executive vice president areas – the finance, commercial and HR organisations within Novo Nordisk. As part of Staffs Finance you will gain exposure to senior stakeholders within finance, commercial and HR areas and become a key part of the local management team discussions. A job in Staffs Finance includes financial planning and analysis as well as analyses leading to strategic decisions in the respective areas.

Group Finance is responsible for overall financial management of Novo Nordisk. As part of Group Finance, you get to support key decisions for the Board of Directors, Executive Management and the CFO while gaining unparallel insight into the entire Novo Nordisk value chain. The team works closely with the sales units while driving strategic resource allocation and ensuring group profitability. In the team, you will work on high-impact assignments – e.g. guidance setting to the external markets or driving the short- and mid-term sales forecasting.

Strategic Finance is responsible for driving financial deliverables and analyses of major business development activities. Additionally, the team acts as a partner to the CFO in driving key strategic finance projects such as resource allocation priorities and principles as well as decisions on major e.g. commercial investments. In Strategic Finance, you will get to interact with a broad set of senior stakeholders spanning across the value chain from R&D to commercial as well as more specialist functions within the Global Finance organisation.

Corporate Treasury is globally responsible for managing Novo Nordisk’s cash and liquidity, thereby ensuring that sufficient cash is available for both internal and external investments while at the same time maintaining an attractive capital allocation to shareholders. To protect the cash as well as the profit from negative financial impacts, Treasury handles and mitigates financial risks, with a key focus on currency exposure, both on a group level and locally in collaboration with the affiliates across the world.

The Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics team focuses on developing global digital tools used across the organisation as well as building the foundation to enable the organisation to use for self-service analytics. Additionally, the team drives the strengthening of digital skills across the global finance organisation and aims to build a scalable digital finance set-up while leveraging data science. As part of the team, you will get to interact with diverse set of stakeholders spanning across the Global Finance organisation including senior management.