Obesity is global pandemic, rapidly increasing in prevalence and linked to a number of complications and disorders, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease1. Still, obesity is largely regarded as an individual burden.  Join us at Novo Nordisk, as we work to change the way the world sees, prevents and treats obesity.

Learn more about the stigma around obesity and why we’re working to overcome it in the video below. Find out more about our available positions further down the page. 

Around the world, 650 million people are living with obesity.1 By the year 2030, it’s expected that 250 million children will be living with it.2 Novo Nordisk is committed to tackling obesity and the complications associated with it.

A global leader in diabetes care for nearly 100 years, our focus is on the serious chronic diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people and are among the most urgent global health challenges. Our goal: to pioneer scientific breakthroughs, expand access to our medicines and prevent and ultimately cure the diseases we treat.

With its increasing global prevalence, obesity has rightly come into focus for Novo Nordisk, and we’ve already accomplished a lot as part of our long-term commitment to Changing Obesity™. Join us as we continue to drive positive change for millions across the globe living with obesity. Be a part of our mission to change the way the world sees, prevents and treats obesity. We have exciting opportunities spread across the business and across the globe.

Let’s solve the global pandemic and change lives. Together.

Together we’re life-changing.

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