If data could speak, it would tell us that 1.1 billion people will be living with obesity by the year 2030 (source3). Rapidly increasing and affecting millions of lives, obesity, is still largely regarded as an individual burden with less than 2% of people in need receiving treatment4.

At Novo Nordisk, we've been changing the lives of people living with diabetes for 100 years. Now, we're determined to change the story for people living with obesity all over the world - pioneering new research, changing the stigma, and giving people access to the treatment they deserve. With first-of-their-kind products already on the market, we're forging a path toward a more hopeful tomorrow for millions. We're ambitious, curious and passionate challengers of the status quo. Are you one of us? 

If so, then join us on our journey and make your mark within our Obesity Therapy Area. Read more about working at Novo Nordisk within this business area and meet some of our dedicated colleagues representing different roles we offer in the videos below. 

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We're in the early phases of our work within obesity therapy, but we've already accomplished a lot as part of our long-term commitment to driving change in obesity. Join us on our ambitious mission to change the way the world sees, prevents and treats obesity. We have exciting opportunities spread across the business and across the globe.

We’re breaking new ground and to achieve our goals, we need to be entrepreneurial, bold, empathetic, and courageous.  It’s not a straightforward journey, but it’s one we’re on together.

It’s everybody for every body. 

Obesity is a complex chronic disease. But with the right care, people with obesity can achieve sustained weight loss that really makes a difference to their health.

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