Are you ready to be a part of a revolutionizing project with exceptional career opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry? Join the early stages of Novo Nordisk's expansion project and work with state-of-the-art technologies to drive change for patients worldwide. See available opportunities here.

Our new facility in Hillerød is at the forefront of innovation. As the project progresses, we will be hiring talented individuals to join as operators, technicians, academics, and in other crucial roles. By joining our team already now, you will have a unique opportunity to influence the future of a technologically advanced facility. You will collaborate with a dynamic, international, and diverse group of colleagues, leveraging their expertise to bring this new facility to life. Together we will foster a culture of continuous improvement and collective success. 
The opportunities in Novo Nordisk are endless. Our site in Hillerød is looking into a bright future, at the core of Novo Nordisk’s production. Our purpose is clear: to change lives for the better. We are driven by a deep commitment to improving the well-being of individuals around the world who are living with serious chronic diseases. 
Take the leap and join our team as we embark on this ambitious project. Together, we will build a facility that embodies innovation and excellence. Your skills, expertise and passion are the foundation for our success in the years to come. Your future at Novo Nordisk awaits you.