Changing Obesity™

Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that affects more than 650 million people1 around the world with a profound impact on individuals, families and healthcare systems. At Novo Nordisk, we are dedicated to making obesity a healthcare priority. Changing ObesityTM is our long-term commitment to improve the lives of people with obesity by changing how the world sees, prevents and treats their obesity. 

Our three focus areas are:



We work to build healthier environments to enable improved health

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We work to foster empathy for people with obesity and make obesity a healthcare priority

Bicycles in Copenhagen


We work to ensure people with obesity have access to science-based and comprehensive care

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Our actions

We are working independently and with our partners to advance medical management, prevention, education, advocacy, patient support and increasing access to care. One of the most recent activities is the ACTION IO (Awareness, Care, and Treatment In Obesity MaNagement – an International Observation) Study. Learn more about the study results below, or scroll down to get an overview of other Changing ObesityTM initiatives. 


ACTION IO – an international study to guide actions to improve obesity care

Action IO infographics

What is ACTION IO?

ACTION IO is the largest study of its kind to investigate barriers to obesity care. It was conducted to generate a unique and comprehensive picture of the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours towards obesity management among people living with obesity and healthcare professionals.


What are the key results of ACTION IO?

The results of the ACTION IO Study highlight the need for a platform of communication to help change how people with obesity and healthcare professionals manage, treat and support obesity and can guide collaborative actions to improve overall obesity care. 

Read more about the results of the ACTION IO Study


ACTION IO from the perspective of a person living with obesity

Vicki Mooney talks about her journey of living with obesity and how the results of ACTION IO could positively impact obesity management for patients and healthcare professionals in the future.


Changing Obesity™ commitment film

A short film on why action is needed to drive change in obesity explained through the story of Bjarne Lynderup who is living with obesity.


Other Changing Obesity™ initiatives

Rethink Obesity®

A comprehensive collection of materials and tools designed to help healthcare professionals support patients’ weight loss and management goals.

Learn more at

Truth About Weight®

An educational resource to help people with excess weight or obesity prepare for a conversation with their healthcare provider by offering information around the science behind weight loss as well as tools for assessing weight management history, motivations, and triggers.

Learn more at


The ACTION Study has previously been conducted in the US and Canada.

Learn more about the US ACTION Study at


The Obesity Policy Engagement Network (OPEN) facilitates national obesity coalitions to inspire countries to develop national obesity plans.

Learn more at

Cities Changing Diabetes

The public-private partnership programme Cities Changing Diabetes is a commitment to drive action against obesity and type 2 diabetes in cities on a global scale.

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Learn more about obesity

Go to the Truth about weight website


1. World Health Organization. Obesity and Overweight Factsheet no. 311. Available at: Last accessed: May 2018. 

Read more about our commitment to changing obesity.