Changing Haemophilia™ focus areas



We are committed to invest in the discovery and development of advanced, safe and innovative biological treatments for people living with haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders.

Our aim is to improve the lives for people living with haemophilia by providing the treatment for a future with greater independence.  


Awareness and access to care

We want to help raise awareness and increase support for haemophilia where it is needed the most. 

With the vision that all people with haemophilia have access to care and treatment wherever they live, the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) represents a cornerstone of our commitment to change haemophilia.


Joint outcomes

To reduce the limitations for people living with haemophilia, we are firmly committed to understanding joint health. 

We believe improved joint health and mobility are essential to remove the limitations for people living with haemophilia. 


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