We identify and drive growth opportunities created by emerging technology and external collaborations.

In order to succeed in the mid- and long-term, we want to identify, understand and collaborate with digital start-ups and other relevant digital players. 

This is why we have designed collaboration models to work with start-ups. Models that take a lean approach that helps us test and learn at an accelerated pace.

Read on to learn about how to get started and our focus areas. We hope one of our collaboration models is a match for you.

Novo Nordisk employees.

We believe that building solid collaborations with digital start-ups will help us to adapt quicker to industry changes. Our collaboration models are designed to build a bridge between start-ups and our innovation garage internal teams.

Interested start-ups can propose a direct pilot with one of our business units or a crazy moonshot idea. If it is a fit, we will bring a combination of data, expertise and mentorship in several areas to help scale your solution.

You can follow our latest accelerator programme - Direct Care Obesity Accelerator.

Explore our focus areas below. You can always get in contact with us by using the form at the bottom of this page.

We work to accelerate and reinforce local innovation efforts by empowering local markets with the right processes, tools and, of course, the agile mindset necessary to delivering reliable results. 

We are open to partner with specialised agencies that can support project implementations in a lean and fast way. 

We explore how digital healthcare start-ups can support accelerate the ambitions of Novo Nordisk in digital. If you are a start-up eager to change the way healthcare operates with a patient centric approach, we are eager to partner. 

Looking beyond immediate opportunities to higher risk disruption that can transform the business. If you think you are sitting on top a Moonshot idea we are open to collaborate to make it a reality together.

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