NovoPen® 5 is the culmination of more than 25 years of NovoPen experience. Due to additional memory function, NovoPen® 5 records time and dose volume since last injection.


  • Improving on NovoPen®  4* 1
    • Time elapsed: Each segment represents an hour since the last injection
    • Last dose volume: Records the last insulin dose in units
  • Increasing patient confidence - Memory function records time and dose volume since last injection# 2, 3
  • Compatible with NovoTwist®, NovoFine® or NovoFine® Plus needles4

* It combines the design and functionality of NovoPen® 4 with the addition of the memory function

# Records dose volume and time within the last 12 hours

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4. NovoTwist (R), NovoFine Plus(R) & NovoFine(R) DVT report 


NovoPen® 5

Penfill® cartridge

3 ml


1 unit

Minimum dose

1 unit

Maximum dose

60 units