No, all clinical experience is accepted. However, it is an advantage if you have knowledge within endocrinology, cardiology, gastroenterology, hepatology, neurology, biomarker development, gene therapy, among others.

Yes. Working with the medical tasks in global development, global safety and global medical affairs you will use your clinical knowledge.

Yes, being a medical doctor is a prerequisite. The programme is designed specifically for medical doctors with no prior industry experience.

In order to qualify for the Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme, you must hold a university degree as a medical doctor. You should have passed postgraduate internship and possess 2-5 years of documented scientific and/or clinical experience. You must have practical and analytical skills and be capable of working independently, while at the same time accepting a strong team focus and influence. Moreover, you should be prepared and willing to travel and work in an international arena. We expect that you are results oriented, good at setting priorities and have a strong personal impact and drive. Lastly, we expect you to have excellent English skills and a high proficiency in IT knowledge.

Yes, Novo Nordisk is a global company and welcomes applications from all over the world. It is not a prerequisite that you understand and/or can speak Danish but you must be fluent in English (written and verbal).

The departments included in the programme are all situated at headquarters. That means that you will be working within the Copenhagen area during the 2 years of the Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme. Expatriation is not a part of the programme. After the successful completion of the programme each PMP doctor will be offered a permanent position within headquarters (Denmark). If it is a wish from the PMP doctor and availability enables it, a position in one of Novo Nordisk’s affiliates around the world may be offered.

This would over-qualify the applicant and is neither the scope nor profile we are looking for with this programme. The purpose of the programme is to introduce a medical doctor to the pharma industry and all the facets relevant for a medical doctor working in Novo Nordisk

We are looking for around five MDs every year. You are welcome to apply throughout the month of February through the application link at the homepage. The programme starts in September the same year.

Work with your competencies within clinical work, scientific research, clinical drug research and business/economy.

The salary is at a competitive level compared to the pharmaceutical industry. It is equal to that of a young medical doctor in an entry level position within the pharmaceutical industry. Along with the salary come additional benefits, for example an annual bonus, computer, mobile phone, re-location aid and an extensive and generous training course budget.

The two-year programme consists of three eight-month rotations in three different areas of the organisation - Clinical Drug Development, Global Medical Affairs and Global Safety. Within the three departments you will be involved in specific everyday tasks through which you will get experience with elements such as clinical development planning of a drug candidate, global and local positioning strategies for a marketed drug, medical documentation in a new drug application, pharmacovigilance activities such as monitoring adverse events in clinical trials for developmental drugs and making surveys of adverse events for marketed drugs. In addition to the rotations, an individual course plan is created allowing the candidates to participate in internal and external courses. This can for example include training in GCP (good clinical practice), biostatistics, computer skills and participation in congresses.

Yes, it is a permanent position. It is not a scholarship or a grant.

The programme is structured around three main activities within the development of new drugs, where strong medical skills are highly needed.

  1. Global Development, where trial protocols and development plans for new potential drug candidates are made and communication with the authorities concerning approval of trials and drugs is conducted.
  2. Global Medical Affairs, where input is given to the clinical development plans and product strategies. Publication planning, medical communication and data presentation are also anchored in the Medical Affairs rotation.
  3. Global Safety, where adverse events are assessed, safety reports are submitted to competent authorities and trial protocols are reviewed.

After/upon successful completion of the programme you will be offered a position usually within one of the three departments in the programme. Your final position depends on your wishes, feedback from managers and vacancies in the respective departments. 

If you have specific questions that are not answered on the homepage, please contact the PMP Manager Björg Ásbjörnsdóttir.