In Recombinant Drug Research (RDR), we advance innovative recombinant protein and peptide therapies for Novo Nordisk’s project portfolio. We do this by collaborating across the value chain, from early-stage research through clinical development to manufacturing development. We build and run advanced biotherapeutic engineering technology platforms. Through our close collaboration with stakeholders and partners, we leverage our expertise to drive innovation and accelerate the drug development process.

We have a diverse organisation bringing together people with different profiles, cultural backgrounds, and ways of thinking. This diversity enables us to approach new challenges from multiple angles and leverage the unique ideas of our team members.  We work in an inclusive and curiosity-driven environment where we thrive and innovate with colleagues in a lively setting.

The Recombinant Drug Discovery (RDD) area is key within our collective efforts to build a rich pipeline, leveraging unique advantages of our biotherapeutic engineering technology platforms for identification of antibodies, domain antibodies and peptides.  We operate both internally and externally licensed platforms. Furthermore, we manage large-scale fully automated platforms for discovery and optimisation of biotherapeutic molecules.

Expression Engineering Research (EER) engages in early research projects and is responsible for the development of systems for recombinant peptide or protein expression, using either microbial or mammalian expression technologies. EER develops and uses state-of-the-art technologies, for expression host cell and expression system engineering, including automated screening systems and protein variant production.

Bioprocess Research (BR) operates technologies for larger scale cultivation of recombinant expression systems and purification of expressed peptides and proteins. BR cultures cells using bioreactor/chemostat culture systems and purify engineered protein variants and challenging tool proteins by employing platform-based automated systems as well as highly customised processes.  They are responsible for developing the initial cultivation and purification processes suited for transfer to CMC colleagues for clinical development.

We work in cross-competence project teams to drive innovation and advance our research projects. We believe that the best results are achieved when bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Our informal working culture fosters a collegial spirit where we encourage experimentation and taking risks, even if that means the possibility of failure. We recognise the importance of learning quickly from those failures because it allows us to continuously improve. By working collaboratively across disciplines, we deliver on ambitious targets and milestones, always with the greatest sensitivity towards the needs of people who rely on our medicines.

We are looking for people with a background in natural sciences particular within molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry, yeast generics, automation, and bio process engineering. We are seeking talent of a wide range of seniority levels to help us build and execute world-class engineering, bioprocess technologies, and develop new recombinant protein and peptides therapies. We welcome innovative and curious thinkers with a problem-solving mindset and deep passion for driving drug discovery processes.