Imagine making a difference for millions of people living with a chronic disease while growing your career in a very successful global healthcare company.

Here you’ll get a feeling of who we are at Devices & Delivery Solutions (DDS), how our work impacts the world and how a career within our area will offer you personal and professional development. If our mission excites you, check out our current vacant positions (scroll down) and do sign up for the email job agent to be the first to know when we offer new career opportunities. Let’s get started!

World’s best medical devices
At Novo Nordisk Devices & Delivery Solutions we are passionate about developing the world’s best medical devices for the treatment of chronic diseases within our focused therapeutic areas. We design and develop delivery systems for our treatments to ensure correct dosing and convenience for our patients.

We have a proud history of developing devices for self-management through the past 100 years. Today, we are bringing innovation to the next level across drug, device, diagnostics, digital and data. Our solutions are not based on the molecule or the device alone, but on the whole solution that can enable better treatment outcomes and a seamless experience for our patients. This is what we call ‘integrated patient solutions’.

Furthermore, we embrace the circular mindset, and our ambition is to be front runners when it comes to sustainability. We keep searching for innovative methods to design products that can be re-used and recycled.

In our organisation, we have a dynamic, international and innovative environment, where more than 400 highly skilled professionals work closely together to develop next generation medical devices.

Our main aim is to further advance our offerings to people living with chronic diseases and their healthcare professionals through new technologies. We have a wide range of development projects in various development stages including injection pens, connectivity solutions, auto-injectors and SaMD companion solutions.

By working with us, you will be surrounded by talented colleagues, whose skills and energy inspire and build an empowering culture.

We have a very open-minded, collaborative, inclusive environment where we welcome all questions. Also the ones that challenge the way we think, as they often lead to new perspectives and opportunities. Only by being curious and open-minded, we can bring new innovative treatment solutions into the hands of patients.

In Devices and Delivery Solutions we fully encourage your development. When you thrive, and are properly challenged in your position, you are the best and most valuable colleague. Therefore, we are door openers for exciting new tasks and development opportunities - both in our organisation and across the company.

We develop containers and packaging for Novo Nordisk products with our expertise in sustainable materials of the future. ​

As subject matter experts within primary and secondary packaging we inform early innovation and own the development of new platforms.​

By establishing and qualifying state of the art analytical equipment in our labs, we can plan and execute tests to demonstrate that containers, packaging and medical devices do what we promise they should do.​

Through usability engineering we inform the early innovation projects and ensure user validation of the final delivery solutions.​

Our technical writing experts drive clarity and consistency across Devices & Delivery Solutions' contributions to regulatory submissions and Q&As.​

We play a vital role in making sustainability a differentiator.​

Packaging an Verification Development1- 2023 KV8175
Pack and Ver -photo2 DDS 2023 KV8382

We develop and mature device platforms and variants for high volume production. ​

We are responsible for technical development and ensuring the solution works in the ecosystem of connected devices.​

Our area is comprised of subject matter experts (SMEs) within mechanical, systems engineering and risk management. Our platform and project managers ensures we work across systems and our designs comply with regulatory requirements while fulfilling both business and user needs. To support the development, we continuously push the boundaries for application of analytical models and good engineering practices.

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We strive to help patients by developing the future of healthcare. ​

Our cross functional team develop cutting edge delivery solutions across physical and digital domains, grounded in user understanding and technical feasibility. ​

We conceptualise and design solutions that create value for our end users while differentiating us from our competitors.​

To meet the challenges in our patients’ treatment, we need products that are safe, reliable and created with a good understanding of their needs.​

In Delivery Solution Innovation we explore game-changing new opportunities and technologies to treat chronic diseases with curiosity and innovation.

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Supported by the entire DDS organisation, we lead programmes to define and develop the right delivery solutions and support our ambitions by representing DDS in the GPTs being business oriented predictable partners​

We focus on Project Leadership within stakeholders and device solutions, successful Project Delivery through proactivity, engagement, customer satisfaction. We drive long-term thinking, leverage portfolio mindset and business/patient acumen. Finally, we do our best every day to be the best DDS ambassadors in the GPTs but also in various areas of the organisation.​

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We drive portfolio strategy and management, digitalisation and process improvement​

We ensure that we establish a strong and aligned strategic foundation, guiding our portfolio and organisational priorities, across Devices & Delivery Solutions and ensure a strong link to colleagues around the world. This requires a dedicated focus on implementing and executing on our strategies, whether it is digital, portfolio or organisational focused.​

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