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Please be aware that the review and response times for your requests submitted in July may be delayed due to the holiday period.

Independent, evidenced-based, and fair-balanced educational activities that enhance knowledge, skills, and/or performance of healthcare professionals (HCP), patients, and communities. These activities are non-promotional in nature and can be accredited or non-accredited; and the programme and content are always decided independently from industry supporters.  

The audience is identified and invited by the recipient organization and not by industry supporters. Examples include, but are not limited to, live or virtual events, webinars, online or print activities and enduring medical educational materials.

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Financial support for healthcare related information and scientific exchange activities. Examples include, but are not limited to, event sponsorships, corporate memberships, awards & congress support, specific health awareness campaigns, round tables & forums. Novo Nordisk collaboration may be possible, but not mandatory.

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Financial support provided to institutions/organisations to conduct Interventional/Non-Interventional research, Fellowships or other scientific/academic efforts.

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For funding requests relating to U.S. based Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS), please click here.

Financial support provided to non-profit organisations for initiatives that benefit patients and communities. Examples include but are not limited to, patient camps/events, student scholarships, disaster relief and community wide disease prevention programs.

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  • Medicinal Product
  • Compound(s) for preclinical research
  • Equipment
  • Novo Nordisk resources (including staff and facilities)

         * Our US affiliate does not provide these types of support

Product donation for US-based diabetes camps should be requested by completing and submitting the Product Donation Form as instructed. 

Here are examples of groups, programs, and activities that Novo Nordisk does not support include (but are not limited to):

  • Request submitted less than 45 days prior to the activity start date
  • Recipient who is an individual
  • Religious organisations limiting service to their own members
  • Political organisations
  • Organisations that discriminate against race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Recipients who have failed to submit required program reconciliations for previously supported programs
  • Previous recipients who have failed to adhere to industry guidelines and regulations (EACCME, ACCME, ACPE, ANCC, PhRMA, FDA, AMA, OIG, etc.) 

Please note, depending on your organisation and activity location, your request may not be eligible for support.

Please allow a minimum of 45 calendar days for full review of your application.

Please click here for important guidelines pertaining to U.S. requests.

If you have questions, please contact us by email here.

For questions to our U.S. affiliate, please contact us by email here.

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