Are you an engineering, natural science or IT student, looking for a career path that offers plenty of challenges and opportunities? Do you want to work with new and interesting technologies? Do you wish to make a positive impact on patients around the globe on a daily basis? Then apply for one of Novo Nordisk’s entry-level positions within the named fields. 

We are always looking for the most innovative, ambitious and brightest people, who wish to work in an ambitious and innovative environment, and who strive for perfection in order to make a difference for millions of people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. 

Novo Nordisk offers a wide range of opportunities for your first job and further advancement during your career.

With an engineering background, you can, for example, start your career as a device engineer or a process supporter, and advance to a specialist within your field, such as advanced device engineer, QA professional or a senior project manager - just to name a few.

If your background is within natural sciences, you can be a process supporter and advance to do research or become a specialist within your field, or a manager, amongst many other possibilities.

If you have an IT-background, you can take positions such as agile coach, IT System Manager, work with automation or various types of development, and advance to positions such as IT specialist, senior developer or senior project manager.

At Novo Nordisk, you will have the opportunity to embark on a truly life-changing career by helping to change the lives of millions of patients around the globe. On top of that, you get to embark on a career that will change your own life. Novo Nordisk offers the opportunity for professional and personal development throughout your career, the possibility to explore different areas of the business and meet passionate colleagues from all around the world.

Do you think Novo Nordisk could be an interesting workplace for you?

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