We want our suppliers to use 100% renewable power

We have set ourselves an ambitious target of ensuring that all of our direct suppliers supply our business using 100% renewable power by 2030.

Our supply chain accounts for 80% of our total CO2 emissions

As a global company, we believe that we have to think beyond our own operations when considering our environmental impact. Today, our supply chain accounts for 80% of our total CO2 emissions. So for us to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a fully circular company, we have to also look carefully at the companies we work with.

suppliers using renewable power by 2030

tons of CO2 will be eliminated each year by reaching our target

tons of CO2 have been eliminated in 2020 as a result of suppliers shifting to renewable power

By supporting our suppliers to use renewable power, we hope to also contribute to a reduction in emissions more broadly, because other companies may benefit from their suppliers’ shift to greater sustainability.