Photo of Jenica Leah who lives with sickle cell disease.

In a world facing urgent societal and environmental challenges, Novo Nordisk is playing a proactive role in the fight against health inequity and climate change. Guided by our purpose of driving change to defeat serious chronic diseases and a steadfast commitment to social, environmental and financial responsibility, we are raising the bar to stay at the forefront of progressive global businesses.

  • Carbon emissions from operations and transportation decreased by 34% compared to 2019 (decreased by 8% compared to 2022).

  • Medical treatment provided to 40.5 million people living with diabetes
  • Reached more than 52,000 children in Changing Diabetes® in Children programme
  • Human insulin with more flexible storage without refrigeration now approved in 29 countries
  • Partnership with Aspen to produce human insulin for people living with diabetes in Africa.

  • Share of women in senior leadership positions has increased to 41% from 39% in 2022.

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As the world grapples with the increasing impact of serious chronic diseases, Novo Nordisk is amplifying its research and development efforts to tackle these global health challenges head-on. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and rare blood disorders pose significant threats to human health and society, demanding urgent action.

  • Regulatory submission of once-weekly insulin icodec in the EU, the US and China
  • Successful completion of phase 3 trial with higher doses of oral semaglutide
  • Initiation of phase 3a trial with CagriSema in type 2 diabetes
  • FLOW kidney outcomes trial stopped based on interim analysis due to efficacy
  • Successful completion of phase 3 trial with IcoSema.

  • Successful completion of phase 3 trial with 50 mg of oral semaglutide
  • Successful completion of SELECT cardiovascular outcomes trial
  • Successful completion of STEP HFpEF phase 3 trials
  • Acquisition of Inversago Pharma and phase 2 trial initiated with INV-202 and phase 1 trial initiated with INV-347
  • Successful completion of phase 1 trial with oral amycretin.

  • Somapacitan approved in the US, EU and Japan for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in children.

  • Phase 1 trials initiated with cell therapy treatment in heart failure and Parkinson’s disease
  • Acquisition of ocedurenone for the treatment of hypertension
  • Phase 1 trial initiated with ANGPTL3i mAb
  • Phase 1 trial initiated with VAP-1i in MASH.

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Demand for Novo Nordisk medicines is soaring, driven by a global obesity epidemic and exceptional growth in the GLP-1 market. This has resulted in a record number of people being treated with our medicines, but also supply constraints. In response, we are significantly ramping up production capacity and have introduced clear prioritisation principles to ensure broad and equitable distribution of our products.

  • Diabetes value market share increased by 1.9 percentage points to 33.8% (MAT).

  • Obesity care sales increased by 154% (CER) to DKK 41.6 billion.

  • Rare disease sales decreased by 15% (CER) to DKK 17.2 billion.


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Sales increased by 31% measured in Danish kroner and by 36% at CER to DKK 232,261 million in 2023. Novo Nordisk’s 2023 sales and operating profit performance measured at CER were within the ranges provided in November 2023. The free cash flow, effective tax rate, capital expenditure as well as depreciation, amortisation and impairment losses were all in line with the guidance.

  • Sales growth of 36% (CER)
  • Operating profit growth of 44% (CER).

  • Operational leverage reflecting sales growth.

  • Free cash flow of DKK 68.3 billion
  • DKK 61.7 billion returned to shareholders.


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