As a pharmaceutical company, we collect product complaints and other safety information on all our products, including pens, needles and vials. We do this for surveillance of product quality and for potential reporting to health authorities.
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Below are some examples of product complaints:

  • Your insulin device cannot deliver, e.g. the device push button is hard to press down
  • Your pen is leaking insulin
  • Strange colour of the product

As a pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk A/S must collect product complaints for surveillance of product quality and for potential reporting to authorities. 

  • Which product and product part is affected?
  • What is the product batch number?
  • Is a product sample available?
  • What is the product problem (e.g. fault details, which step during use)?

Please note that Novo Nordisk registers information about the reported product complaints and side effects for the sake of patient safety and to comply with current legislation. Your personal data will be entered and kept permanently in the Novo Nordisk global safety database and will be treated confidentially. We are obliged to report information on product complaints and side effects to Health Authorities in accordance with current legislation.

Read more about how we process your data in the Notice of Personal Data Processing Related to Safety Information.