A digital revolution is underway in healthcare. More than ever, there is huge interest in using digital services and data to improve the lives of people living with a serious chronic disease. This has brought about a shift in the industry, and there is now a large and untapped potential for change.

At Novo Nordisk, we produce life-changing medicine for people with diabetes, obesity and other serious chronic diseases. We've been doing this for around 100 years and have always been driven by a strong purpose:


To improve the life of the patients we serve.



Novo Nordisk’s digital strategy is transforming every level of our business, from the way we research and develop new treatments to how we partner with start-ups and institutions.


We’re focusing on three digital strategic aspirations: Optimise, Augment, and Explore.


Optimise is all about becoming a more efficient pharmaceutical company. It means optimising our value chain, speeding up the discovery of more effective treatments, and looking at how we can use data, automation, and robotics to enhance our processes. We also want to Augment our portfolio, which means improving outcomes for patients using treatments and tools that incorporate drugs, diagnostics, devices, digital, and data. And Explore is about leveraging digital to create value for our patients independent of the drug, as well as partnering with start-ups and institutions to invest in and scale in the area of holistic care.


By working towards these three aspirations, we can truly live our purpose of driving change for millions of people around the world living with a serious chronic disease.