As part of its new digital strategy, Novo Nordisk is establishing a network of Digital Innovation Hubs in the most active and vibrant health-tech ecosystems in the world. These Hubs are a vital component of our progress in digital. They will be a key link with local, digital healthcare start-ups but also with different players of the digital innovation ecosystem. Together, we will co-create solutions, amplify our purpose, and defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.

The network will span the entire field of our international operations, with the first Hubs being launched in China, UK, Germany, Brazil, Israel, with more locations to be announced in the coming months. This will encourage close business relationships with local start-ups and organisations working in our key disease areas, paving the way for digital innovation in healthcare.


“Digital innovation can drive change across the healthcare system and by establishing a network of Digital Innovation Hubs, we are aiming at generating a critical mass of pilots and learnings that can be scaled at a global level.”

The first step in the creation of healthcare solutions is the fast-track innovation programmes that the Hubs will establish. This type of programme accelerates new, digital initiatives, allowing Novo Nordisk to work directly with local start-ups, sharing its expertise in cardiometabolic disease and commercial outreach, and providing the data and support needed to run pilot schemes and scale them to global level.


As the Digital Innovation Hubs are launched, the first programmes are set to be announced in the coming weeks, if you are interested in learning more please reach out to