Circular products

Every day, millions of people living with chronic diseases around the world rely on Novo Nordisk products, the majority of which are single use. The impact of single-use medical devices on the environment is considerable, and it is unacceptable that most plastic consumables end up in landfills. 

Today, we are working to accelerate our transition from a 'take-make-dispose' model of production to a sustainable business that keeps our products in use, and out of landfills.


Circular products




Circular Products 

If we want our products to be reused and recycled, we need to start with decisions that affect our product design and lifecycle management. A good decision early on can help us avoid our products ending up in landfills. 

We’re creating technology and implementing end-of-life solutions to help us switch to a system whereby our products can be recycled and reused. 



Designing eco-friendly products

To become a company synonymous with minimal production and environmental impact, we’re establishing eco-friendly criteria for everything from our active pharmaceutical ingredients all the way to our medical devices. Our long-term plan also includes regular assessment of our production process to ensure we highlight at-risk areas early in our journey, both across existing and new products. 



Circular Supply

We're partnering with suppliers to reduce indirect CO2 emissions and waste.

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Circular Company

At all levels, we're changing how we operate to minimise our environmental footprint.

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Our environmental performance

Our environmental performance

We believe that reducing our environmental impact is both our corporate responsibility and a way to mitigate long-term risk.

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