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Reducing our environmental impact is a long-term task and we must start from the bottom up, making sure our employees and affiliates remain engaged and dedicated to our collective long-term ambition and are aware of the key role they play in achieving our ambitious goals.


Circular Company





Novo Nordisk is working towards zero CO2 emissions

Working towards zero CO2 emissions

Today, direct emissions from our production only account for a small percentage of our total carbon footprint. 

Part of this change comes from switching to renewable energy sources, which now power more than 75% of all our output. Our goal is 100% renewable power at all our production sites before 2020.

By 2030, we are aiming for zero CO2 emissions from both our operations and transport.

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Eliminating energy, water and material waste

Among the most pressing environmental issues facing the world are improper waste management and water scarcity.

We’re making a concentrated effort to reduce our impact on both fronts, and the results are showing: we used 100,000m3 less water in 2018 at our production plants.

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Eliminating energy, water and material waste





Going green together

Going green together

We’re supporting our affiliates as they join our Circular for Zero movement.

This includes day-to-day initiatives such as reducing office waste by separating paper, cardboard and electronic waste for recycling and transitioning to the exclusive use of electric company cars.

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Circular Company 

We use renewable sources for most of our power and half our energy needs, but we won’t be satisfied until 100% of our output comes from sustainable materials. We’re also committed to eliminating landfill, water, energy and material waste by 2030, and helping our key affiliates implement green initiatives within their respective communities. 




Circular Supply

We're partnering with suppliers to reduce indirect CO2 emissions and waste.

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Circular Products

We are working to redesign our products so they can be recycled and reused.

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Our environmental performance

Our environmental performance

We believe that reducing our environmental impact is both our corporate responsibility and a way to mitigate long-term risk.

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