Local production projects

We aim to serve patients wherever they are in the world with the highest quality medicines. When it is optimal for manufacturing to take place in the country where the product will be used, we either collaborate with local partners such as Contract Manufacturing Organisations or create our own production sites. We are currently engaged in projects in several countries with complex operating environments, including Algeria, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


Policies and governance

We are making progress to embed respect for human rights in the full project lifecycle from idea to execution. Relevant policies to embed respect for human rights include Local Manufacturing Strategy, Investment Policy and Project Execution Model. 

The Local Manufacturing unit in Product Supply is responsible for project execution. We are ensuring that internal human rights expertise is used to set direction for how respect for human rights is an integral part of the projects.


Assessing risks and taking action

Where there are publicly known human rights risks in specific operating contexts, we will conduct enhanced human rights due diligence of our own activities and local partners. In addition to desk research and taking into account internal human rights experts’ input, we also draw upon external experts’ input, peers and local knowledge.


Reporting concerns

Any concern or question regarding our responsible business conduct in local production projects and/or operations can be brought to the Compliance Hotline (in over 40 languages).