Equal opportunities and diversity


Equal opportunities

We offer equal treatment and opportunities for all employees, as well as a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Our approach to equal opportunities is guided by Novo Nordisk Way essential 6 (‘We treat everyone with respect’), our People Policy, our Global Labour Guidelines and our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact. We support the fundamental right to be free from discrimination based on background, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, religion, colour, race, ethnic origin and/or political orientation.

By implementing the Novo Nordisk Equal Opportunities Guideline throughout our organisation globally, we have ensured that equal opportunity is embedded at all stages of employment, including the recruitment process, working conditions, remuneration, development, promotion and termination. 

Our Equal Opportunities Guideline is assured through mechanisms such as facilitation, the Novo Nordisk Compliance Hotline and our Ombudsman, employee surveys and human resources/legal securing compliance within local regions and communities.



Diversity helps us attract and retain talented people from around the world, promotes a culture of respect and enables us to operate more effectively in a global environment. It also allows us to better understand the needs of our customers as well as the perception of diabetes and other serious chronic conditions across cultures. 

Since 2011, we have incorporated diversity into our corporate Balanced Scorecard, requiring all business areas to set locally-anchored targets for diversity. By the end of 2017, the gender distribution among managers was 60% men and 40% women. Of the newly promoted managers, 43% were women, which is the same level as in 2016. All management teams, from entry level and upwards, are encouraged to focus on enhanced diversity, with the aim of ensuring a robust pipeline of talent for management positions. In 2018, a range of activities from talent programmes and training to network building will be implemented to further enhance gender diversity in senior management.


Gender in management


We are against the enforcement of quotas in the organisation. One of the pillars of our diversity strategy is ‘we always select the best’ ensuring that professional qualifications come before gender and other aspects of identity such as nationality and age. We support self-regulation as opposed to legislation.