Diversity & inclusion

Our position

In Novo Nordisk, we believe that diversity and inclusion in all teams - from entry level to top management - drive better decision making, by ensuring that multiple perspectives are considered. We have a strong stance on the value proposition of diversity in all its forms (gender, nationality, education, experience, age, personality etc.) and encourage all management teams to address and discuss unconscious bias in key decision-making processes.

By the end of 2018, the gender distribution among managers was 60% men and 40% women, unchanged from 2017. Of the newly promoted managers, 38% were women, compared with 43% in 2017. The decreasing share of women among newly appointed managers was driven by fewer women appointed to entry level positions (manager and team leader). At the same time a higher share of women were appointed to senior management positions (SVP, CVP, VP and GM), especially among external hires.

graph of the development of women in management in Novo Nordisk

Our four drivers for diversity and inclusion

Our Executive Management team has agreed on a shared rationale for diversity and inclusion in Novo Nordisk, built on four primary drivers:

graphic - graduation hat

Broaden our access to talent

We want to attract, develop and utilise the best people with different perspectives, in order to contribute to better business results. We will only succeed in doing so by reflecting and selecting from the widest possible talent pool.

Graphic - speech bubble

Secure diversity of perspectives

We want diverse perspectives in all our senior management teams, boards and committees to ensure innovative solutions and solidity in complex decision making, addressing the challenges of a growing global organisation with diverse customer needs and societal impact.

graphic - globe

Foster a global mindset

We want to develop people with a global mindset and international experience to ensure that our organisation stays agile and prepared for future growth. We strive to provide exciting global career and mobility opportunities for talents and leaders. 

graphic - male and female

Offer equal opportunities

We want to build a collaborative and engaged global team, by ensuring an inclusive culture, in line with NNWAY, that provides equal opportunities for everyone to thrive and do their best.

Diversity and inclusion on the agenda

To ensure a long-term sustainable focus on diversity and inclusion, we continuously incorporate diversity and inclusion perspectives into key HR processes throughout the employee lifecycle, e.g. talent acquisition, talent management and leadership development.

Diversity and inclusion are discussed at Board level at regular intervals, minimum once a year, as an integral part of the HR agenda.