Refugee Internship and Mentorship programme 

We believe business has a role in helping refugees integrate in and contribute to society. 

Partnering with Foreningen Nydansker (Association New Dane) , an NGO aiming to improve the integration of immigrants into Danish society, we are supporting refugees with university degrees who are arriving in Denmark. We have chosen this segment of the refugee population due to the technical nature of the life science industry.

Mentors and managers within the company are identified and paired with refugees from countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. Through mentoring and immersion in a Danish workplace, we aim to equip participants with the skills, experience and networks that will help support their future careers. 

This is the second year we have run two programmes, with 40 refugees enrolled in 2017. In the Mentorship programme 36% of mentees have gotten a job and 28% are enrolled in education. In the Refugee Internship programme 83% of interns believe their participation has brought them closer to getting a job.


New beginnings

With millions displaced by war, business has a key role in helping refugees integrate, contribute and flourish in society.

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Novo Nordisk refugee programme data