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Perspectives is a place to find the views and opinions of Novo Nordisk on key business issues and the voices of some of the inspirational people we work with. Perspectives has feature stories and podcasts on topics such as the potential for stem cell treatment of type 1 diabetes, the prospects of tablet treatment of type 2 diabetes, our call to make obesity a healthcare priority, our engagements in partnerships to improve medical care for people in humanitarian crises and our initiatives to include people who may have difficulties finding a meaningful job that gives them opportunity to realise their potential. 

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TBL Quarterly

Perspectives has replaced Novo Nordisk's TBL Quarterly, which brought stories in a magazine format with articles, photos, videos and infographics on the actions, challenges and opportunities of leading a sustainable business and how responsibility supports long-term value creation.

Download previous issues of the TBL Quarterly magazine below.



No. 2 2017

The Digital Issue

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No. 1 2017

The Dilemma Issue

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No. 4 2016

The Carbon Footprint Issue

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No. 3 2016

The Education Issue

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No. 2 2016

Partnership issue: Goal 17

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No. 1 2016

Urban issue:
Why is Novo Nordisk focusing on cities?

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No. 3 2015

Patient focus: A snapshot of why we are in business

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No. 2 2015

Global health check: Are we in shape for the next 15 years?

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No. 1 2015

Collaborating for better care: Changing diabetes in the US

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No. 4 2014

Under the microscope: There’s more to R&D than meets the eye

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No. 3 2014

Beyond conflict: Putting the focus on health in the Middle East

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No. 2 2014

Connecting the dots: Painting a new picture of health in India

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No. 1 2014

The stories behind the numbers: How it all adds up

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No. 3 2013

Going the extra mile: Meet the people stepping up to change diabetes.

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No. 2 2013

Responsible production: We address global challenges with a local touch.

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No. 1 2013

Investing ahead of the curve: Today's actions for tomorrow's health.

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