Creating Shared Value

Demonstrating shared value creation

One of the key challenges of embedding responsible and sustainable business practices is measuring the link between such efforts and the value to both society and the organisation. This is why we have created the Blueprint for Change Programme to better understand, communicate and optimise the shared value created through our Triple Bottom Line business approach.

The programme is a series of case studies that speak with data and are based on extensive field research and a common methodology for value creation. Each Blueprint for Change case study seeks to strengthen the link between our approach and its related value creation, highlighting successes and exploring challenges ahead and ways to improve.


Blueprint for Change cases


'Blueprint for change' front page cover - Hypoglycaemia a 24-hour concern

Hypoglycaemia – a 24-hour concern

More than just a health concern, hypoglycaemia impacts every aspect of life for people with diabetes. Reducing the risk of hypoglycaemia is a shared responsibility, with significant benefits for patients, families and society at large.

Read the issue in English (iPaper with videos from people living with diabetes)

Download the issue in English (PDF)

Blueprint for Change Thailand

Partnering to innovate diabetes care in Thailand

Improving diabetes care and access to treatment can improve the quality of life and overall health of society in Thailand.

Download the issue in English (PDF)

Download the issue in Thai (PDF)

Blueprint for Change Japan

Meeting the challenge of diabetes in a super-aged society

Attention to diabetes and the health and societal effects of ageing is key to a healthy and prosperous society in Japan. Cross-sector collaboration offers the greatest opportunity to make a difference.

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Watch video: Meeting the challenge of diabetes in a super-aged society

Blueprint for Change Algeria

Partnering to innovate diabetes care in Algeria

Novo Nordisk works with partners to help people with diabetes lead healthier lives. Through innovative programmes and projects, we raise awareness, improve accessibility and enhance quality of life for people with diabetes, while investing in local clinical research and production.

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Blueprint for Change Russia

Investing in diabetes care in Russia

The Russian Federation has made great improvements in healthcare in recent years. However, the challenge of diabetes continues to grow. Through continued investment and collaboration with partners, Novo Nordisk is committed to helping people with diabetes and reducing the social and economic impact of the condition.

Watch video: Investing in diabetes care in Russia

Download the issue in English (PDF)

Download the issue in Russian (PDF)

Blueprint for Change clinical research

Assessing the value of diabetes clinical research

Clinical research is conducted to document the efficacy, safety and optimal use of human medicine. It is a collaborative effort involving many stakeholders, and this study provides insights on the value created in this process.

Download: Assessing the value of diabetes clinical research (PDF)

Blueprint for Change Turkey

Innovating diabetes care in Turkey

Diabetes is a public health crisis, and nowhere in Europe is this more evident than in Turkey. Through partnerships with the healthcare community and the government, Novo Nordisk is committed to reducing the social and economic burden of diabetes – now and in the future.

Watch video: Innovating diabetes care in Turkey

Download the issue in English (PDF) | Turkish (PDF)

and the summary in English (PDF) | Turkish (PDF)

Blueprint for Change Indonesia

Changing Diabetes in Indonesia

Like many countries undergoing rapid socioeconomic transition, Indonesia is struggling with a fast-growing burden of diabetes. Facing this challenge compels stakeholders to align their vision in a way that leads to better awareness and improves access, affordability and quality of care.

Success will generate shared value for stakeholders, society and Novo Nordisk.

Watch video: Changing Diabetes in Indonesia

Changing diabetes in Indonesia (PDF)

Blueprint for Change Bangladesh

Changing Diabetes in Bangladesh

In developing countries, rising diabetes rates present enormous challenges to poverty eradication and economic development. In Bangladesh, Novo Nordisk works with local partners to improve health for millions of people. As a result of efforts to strengthen healthcare quality, diagnosis and treatment rates are improving, creating shared value for both parties.

Changing Diabetes in Bangladesh (PDF)

Blueprint for Change United States

Creating shared value in the United States

This case study analyses how aligning the needs of patients and stakeholders with Novo Nordisk's strategy has contributed to our business success and has helped improve quality of care, early diagnosis and diabetes prevention in the United States.

Creating shared value in the United States (PDF)

Blueprint for Change China

Changing Diabetes in China

Diabetes poses a growing social, educational and economic challenge for the Chinese society. This case study assesses the business and societal value of three aspects of our market entry strategy: physician training, patient education and local production. Our focus on building the market for the long-term has created significant value for Novo Nordisk as well as the Chinese society.

Changing diabetes in China (PDF)

Blueprint for Change climate change

Climate change

In 2009, Novo Nordisk achieved the CO2 reduction target of our first generation climate strategy five years ahead of schedule. In this case we share our learning focusing on the value generated to business and society, our thoughts about the journey and challenges ahead, including the interrelationship between climate and health.

Climate Change (PDF)