Environmental responsibility

Manmade climate change and the non-sustainable consumption and disposal of resources are affecting national economies and worsening human health in many parts of the world. In some cases, the effects of climate change are also adding costs and risks that influence the private sector’s ability to deliver competitive results. 

At Novo Nordisk, we believe that reducing our environmental impact is both our corporate responsibility and a way to mitigate long-term risk.

The below areas are where we believe we can make the biggest impact.


Reducing CO2 emissions

We work to reduce CO2 emissions from our activities and across the value chain.

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Water stewardship

We work to conserve water while expanding our production.

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Waste management

We work to reduce waste generation and improve the amount of waste reused and recycled.

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Use of chemicals

We work to minimise use of hazardous chemicals in our production.

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Working in partnerships

We work together with suppliers and partners in order to collaborate for change.

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Environmental policy

We work to reduce our environmental impact throughout our entire value chain.

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