Changing Diabetes® in Pregnancy

We see gestational diabetes (GDM) as a window of opportunity to improve maternal and child health and slow down the diabetes pandemic. This is why we created the Changing Diabetes® in Pregnancy programme in 2009.

GDM is the leading cause of high blood sugar in pregnancy, affecting approximately 18 million live births1. This translates to ONE IN SEVEN live births being affected by GDM.





Together with diabetes and maternal health communities, and through collaboration with professional societies, we are working to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities in addressing GDM and to improve access to diagnosis and care.

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Project results2

·         4,378 healthcare professionals trained in GDM 

·         74,251 women screened for GDM  

·         6,799 women with GDM diagnosed, treated and educated 

·         181,559 pregnant women reached through awareness campaigns



1. International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas, 8th edn. Brussels, Belgium: International Diabetes Federation, 2017.

2. Based on internal reporting from project partners as of December 2018


Case study: India 

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Brochure: Gestational diabetes as a window of opportunity

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Case study: Colombia

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Diabetes can begin during pregnancy

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Cambiando la diabetes  en el embrazo - Priya (Spanish) 

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