Health and safety

The Novo Nordisk Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Management System has been fully implemented throughout the company since 2013.

Global OH&S standards have been developed on relevant OH&S aspects. Further work is ongoing to ensure social responsibility through continuous improvement of working conditions.

Elements of a healthy workplace include the physical environment as well as the measures taken to prevent occupational injuries. Psychological factors such as job security and employability, management practices, non-discrimination, empowerment and development opportunities also contribute to a healthy working environment.

Traditionally, our OH&S practices were based on local standards and practices related to local laws. Today, as a global company, there is a greater need to have one uniform global OH&S management system.

To achieve this, we are developing global OH&S standards and processes and improving data collection to monitor global OH&S performance.

The OH&S management system is reviewed and the OH&S performance evaluated on an annual basis by management. This includes an annual management review of the OH&S management system and an evaluation of the OH&S performance.

For more information on our annual performance, see our Annual Report (PDF).

For more information about our latest activities, see our Reporting to UN Global Compact Communication on Progress (PDF).

NovoHealth – healthy employees equal a healthy company

At Novo Nordisk, we strongly believe that change starts from within. We strive to enable people to live longer, healthier and more productive lives. It is this determination that drives NovoHealth, our global employee health programme.

NovoHealth ensures a workplace culture that promotes and supports healthy living for all employees – an opportunity for Novo Nordisk to practice what we preach. NovoHealth inspires healthy living among our employees as a means to drive people engagement and prevent type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases.

NovoHealth focuses on four key health areas:

  • Providing healthy food and beverages in the workplace.
  • Supporting our employees in being physically active.
  • Providing a smoke-free work environment and supporting employees who wish to stop smoking.
  • Providing access to individual health checks.

These focus areas are adapted by affiliates in order to support and acknowledge local cultural differences.