Access to care

Novo Nordisk first introduced its access to care strategy in 2001, and renewed it in 2013. The strategy focused in particular on improving access to care in least developed countries (LDCs).

Our renewed strategy entails a scaling-up of activities in three specific areas: improving health for the next generation, reaching the base of the pyramid and building healthcare capacity.

These efforts – together with our financial support of the World Diabetes Foundation and our access to insulin commitment for least developed countries – will help us and partners raise awareness about diabetes and improve global access to diabetes care.

Working in partnership

Through our access to care programmes we work with partners to test local solutions to the diabetes challenge. We collaborate closely with diabetes associations, governments, healthcare professionals, international organisations, NGOs, academia and industry partners.

Together we advocate for placing diabetes on top of global and national health agendas, and to create sustainable and long-term solutions that change diabetes. We believe that our only hope of achieving truly sustainable solutions that drive change in diabetes is through partnerships. 


Initiatives to improve access to care

Access to Insulin Commitment



Changing Diabetes in Children



Reaching the Base of the Pyramid



Changing Diabetes in Pregnancy



World Diabetes Foundation



NN Haemophilia Foundation



Global Access to Diabetes Care Strategy

Global Access to Diabetes Care Strategy

Fact Card

Fact Card 2014 Access Screen

Our Position on Access to Diabetes Care

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