Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is a key element of the company’s values-based management system formalised in the Novo Nordisk Way. It is how we do business.

We believe that a healthy economy, environment, and society are fundamental to long-term business success, and that it is our responsibility to help create conditions for prosperity. That is why we always take social, financial and environmental considerations into account when we make decisions and strive for solutions that generate shared value.

Novo Nordisk is one of only a handful of companies in the world who have integrated sustainability into their company bylaws.


The Triple Bottom Line maximises value

Much like our belief that a bottom line should reflect more than only financial considerations, we believe that value goes beyond financial returns.

Discovering and developing innovative and biological medicine and making them available to people all over the world is our key contribution to creating value for society. Nearly a century of driving change to defeat diabetes has given us the experience and capabilities to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: obesity, haemophilia and growth disorders.

We know it takes more than medicine to defeat a serious chronic condition. That is why we work in partnerships with patients, policymakers, healthcare professionals and non-governmental organisations to raise awareness, improve prevention, promote earlier diagnosis and expand access to care.

TBL also creates value by promoting responsible and ethical business practices throughout our global value chain, helping us to continuously reduce any adverse impact resulting from our activities.  

We have evidence that TBL makes good business. It delivers long-term growth for our business by building trust, protecting and enhancing our ability to operate and attracting and retaining the best people.