The protein professionals

With a strong focus on innovation and decades of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing proteins, we explore new research areas and continuously turn science and technologies into the next generation of efficacious and safe biological medicines.


Our protein competences

Chief Science Officer Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen discusses our history of designing therapeutic proteins.


Our history of protein design

In our search for innovative treatment solutions, we exchange novel ideas across our international research sites in Denmark, China and the US, as well as through strategic alliances with researchers in academia and biotech around the world.

We apply our long-standing history in protein and peptide design in order to  turn these ideas into investigative compounds with the potential to be further developed into new therapies that address unmet treatment needs in our focus disease areas.

Biopharmaceutical research integrates external and internal protein and biotechnology platforms to create a powerful synergy which forms the essential backbone of the identification and early development of all new protein drug candidates. In this way, our global molecular biology, antibody, protein production, purification and engineering platforms, which have been developed and fine-tuned over more than three decades of competitive research, are integrated into all new drug projects across our focus therapy areas.


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