Type 2 diabetes

Our ambition is to enable people with type 2 diabetes to live a life with as few limitations as possible. To help people with type 2 diabetes maintain near-normal blood glucose levels, Novo Nordisk is working on a number of innovations within the field of insulin and GLP-1 research, and investigating new antidiabetic agents.


Working towards the next breakthrough

In the film above, Scientific Vice President of Diabetes & Obesity Pharmacology Erica Nishimura shows us how she takes "little steps every day…" towards the next scientific breakthrough in diabetes care.



90 years of pioneering research

Novo Nordisk has been the leader in diabetes care since the 1920s and has the broadest clinical pipeline in diabetes which includes projects involving new treatment targets, as well as oral insulin and GLP-1 projects.

Currently, we are the only company offering a complete range of modern insulin products from basal to prandial to premix insulins - and we have also invented and launched the world's first once-daily, human GLP-1 analogue for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Our presence in scientific communities around the world ensures an influx of new and diverse talent to our organisation, making it possible to stay at the forefront of the diabetes field. We also maintain close professional collaborations with academic and biotech partners to continuously inform our understanding of the real-life treatment challenges facing people with diabetes every day.



In the pipeline

  • New antidiabetic agents
  • Injections once weekly
    or even less often
  • Combinations of GLP-1
    and insulin
  • Oral insulins and GLP-1
  • Tissue- and function-specific insulins

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Type 2 diabetes clinical trials

Every year, we conduct clinical trials in more than 50 countries. To ensure best practice, skills and knowledge in the development of therapies, we work with the world's leading academic centres and preferred industrial partners. An overview of these activities worldwide can be found on our clinical trials website.