Meet the scientists - haemophilia

Haemophilia is an inherited or acquired bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting. Without treatment, uncontrolled internal bleeding can cause stiffness, pain, severe joint damage and even death. 

Across the globe, passionate Novo Nordisk R&D employees are working to change haemophilia through better treatments. Meet some of them here.




Meet Stephanie Seremetis
Global Development - Haemophilia, Princeton, NJ, USA

My role: I am the Global Chief Medical Officer for Haemophilia. 

Why I work to change haemophilia:

This is my life’s work. Period. I first worked with people with haemophilia during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s which for them was a result of being treated with intravenous infusions of plasma-derived products.

Nowadays we have safe, recombinant products available for treatment, and Novo is right in the middle of this. And even better we are working on improving the current situation for people with haemophilia by creating longer-acting molecules, and even treatments that can be given subcutaneously. 

Meet Camilla Buöen Stenmo
Clinical Pharmacology, Global Development, Søborg, Denmark

My role: I work on the early clinical development projects in haemophilia, bringing our new innovative haemophilia products from early research into clinical trials in patients for the first time.

Why I work to change haemophilia:

I get to be on the front line of developing new and better treatments to people with haemophilia, and I get to interact with both the patients and the caretakers whom we are doing our best to help. This interaction is so valuable to me as it allows me to see and feel the help we are providing both today and in the future.

Meet Karina Thorn
Haemostasis and Vascular Pharmacology, Global Research, Måløv, Denmark

My role: I’m the chair of our Haemophilia Focus Group responsible for bringing innovation and new pre-project proposals forward.

Why I work to change haemophilia:

I’m driving to do research that can improve the quality of life for individuals with haemophilia.

Meet Wang Lei  
Haemophilia Research Department, Beijing, China

My role: For people with haemophilia, one of the major unmet needs is to do the factor infusion every day for prophylaxis treatment. I built a department here in Beijing and led a global project team to develop novel bypassing reagents.

Why I work to change haemophilia:

Our vision is to improve the lives of people with haemophilia through subcutaneous injections as well as less frequent treatment options.

Meet Are Bogsnes
Biopharm Purification Development & Virology, CMC Development, Gentofte, Denmark

My role: I work with development of manufacturing processes for drug substance, suitable for large scale production in our factories.

Why I work to change haemophilia:

The protein molecules for treating haemophilia are very complex and fragile, many things can potentially go wrong. Striving for the most simple and efficient production processes is very rewarding, knowing that we have done our part, to robustly provide the best possible treatment to as many as possible.