Haemophilia is a rare and serious chronic condition. People living with haemophilia lack, either partially or completely, an essential coagulation factor needed to form blood clots. Without treatment, spontaneous internal bleeding can cause joint and muscle stiffness, pain, severe joint destruction and even death.


Working towards the next breakthrough

In the film above, Senior Scientist in Haemophilia Stine Louise Reedtz-Runge talks about the company's search for novel solutions in haemophilia treatment and how the hope of finding new treatments that can help boys with this condition to live a more normal life keeps her motivated.


Committed to changing haemophilia through pioneering research

Building on our experience in protein and peptide design, Novo Nordisk has continued to discover and develop effective and safe medicines for people with haemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders. Today, we offer innovative products and have a rich pipeline of next-generation longer-acting and efficacious medicines capable of delivering effective prophylaxis and reducing the treatment burden for patients.


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In the pipeline

  • Development of longer-acting replacement coagulation factors and subcutaneous administration options
  • New treatments that bypass the need for coagulation factors to allow blood to form clots and eliminate the risk of inhibitor development.

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Haemophilia clinical trials

Every year, we conduct clinical trials in more than 50 countries. To ensure best practice, skills and knowledge in the development of therapies, we work with the world's leading academic centres and preferred industrial partners. An overview of these activities worldwide can be found on our 
clinical trials website.