Meet the scientists - growth disorders

A look at some of the faces and stories behind Novo Nordisk’s commitment to treatment of growth disorders.




Meet Michael Højby
Global Development, Medical & Science Biopharm, Søborg, Denmark

My role: I am International Medical Director and project team member on somapacitan (once-weekly growth hormone project). 

Why I am committed to growth hormone treatments:

I have been working within the growth hormone therapeutic area, research as well as development, for more than 25 years and 21 years in Novo Nordisk. It has been and is for me very stimulating and a fantastic opportunity being part of developing new indications for growth hormone and improved treatment for adults and children in need for growth hormone treatment. 

Meet Mats Reslow
Global Research, Protein Engineering, Måløv, Denmark

My role: I have been working as a formulation specialist within various Growth Hormone projects for many years. Our goal is to develop new better drugs or improve existing products in order to have the most convenient product for the patient.

This can be projects to obtain less frequent injections or projects to improve the stability of the product so it can be stored at room temperature.

Why I am committed to growth hormone treatments:

As I have a son, now 26 years old, that has been treated with daily growth hormone injections from age of 5 to 18, I am aware of all obstacles and problems with the treatment, both in daily life or on holidays when traveling. So I am motivated and can see the benefits with new projects, also in other non-growth hormone projects

Meet Liselotte Kold
CMC Development, Injectable Method Development, Måløv, Denmark

My role:  I work with development and validation of high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods for control of drug samples throughout the production process.

Why I am committed to growth hormone treatments:

Growth hormone is a great hormone with many positive effects for those who do not produce enough on their own. If we could reduce the number of injections with a once-weekly product, it would really reduce the treatment burden for children and their families.

Meet Nils Langeland
Global Research, Protein & Peptide Chemistry, Måløv, Denmark

My role: Since around 1985 I have worked (along with other projects) on growth hormone related research. Recent achievements have been the identification of the somapacitan molecule, now in phase 3.

Why I am committed to growth hormone treatments:

I have in long periods considered growth hormone to be an overlooked opportunity and a field where I really could make a difference for the Novo Nordisk – and the world. It is a big motivation to do what has not been achieved before with growth hormone. In addition it has been a great pleasure to work with the small but very committed growth hormone community at Novo Nordisk.

Meet Peter Thygesen
Global Research, Haemophilia & Growth Hormone Pharmacodynamics, Måløv, Denmark

My role: I am a Principal Scientist and growth hormone pharmacologist.

Why I am committed to growth hormone treatments:

I’m part of a team that develops new growth hormone candidates and treatment concepts for patients with growth hormone deficiency. It is highly rewarding to know that your work can help improving the quality of life of young children with growth hormone deficiency.