Growth disorders

Growth hormone plays a crucial role in physical development and well-being throughout our lives. Growth hormone deficiency impairs a child's growth, and in both adults and children it may negatively affect the heart, lungs, bones, brain and overall body composition. Lack of treatment may significantly impact a person physically and psychologically, and therefore affect quality of life.


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Maintaining our leadership in the treatment of growth disorders

We remain committed to driving treatment advances for growth disorders by addressing unmet patient needs in this area, such as ease of dosing and fewer injections. Our latest pre-filled device, the FlexPro® pen, is designed to simplify the administration of growth hormone treatment. We also currently have a longer-acting formulation of recombinant growth hormone in early-stage clinical development, and we are committed to exploring possibilities for oral administration of human growth hormone.


In the pipeline

  • Once-weekly and once-monthly treatments.

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Growth disorders clinical trials

Every year, we conduct clinical trials in more than 50 countries. To ensure best practice, skills and knowledge in the development of therapies, we work with the world's leading academic centres and preferred industrial partners. An overview of these activities worldwide can be found on our 
clinical trials website.