Innovation Partnering

At Novo Nordisk we believe that partnerships are key to fostering innovation

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“We believe that partnerships, based on long-term commitment and mutual interest, are key to fostering innovation. We work closely with universities and biotech companies worldwide to bring about innovation.”

Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, Chief Science Officer of Novo Nordisk

As experts in translational science we can offer

  • World-class protein and peptide technology expertise including expression, engineering, formulation and delivery via innovative devices
  • State of the art in vivo models
  • Industry leading translational capabilities from basic research to clinical trials
  • In-depth disease and patient understanding
  • Solid platforms for clinical development and trial execution
  • Large scale manufacturing capabilities of therapeutic proteins and peptides
  • Well established presence and access to all global markets
  • Widely recognized ethical standards

What we seek

Novo Nordisk is a highly focused biological healthcare company making us the scientific frontiers in the therapy segments we focus on. Hence it is a top priority that we are always pioneering new innovation within our fields and also why we within our focused segments can contribute with world-class competences.

We engage in strategic partnerships with academia, and are interested in hearing from you if you are working on elucidating biology in our disease areas. We are e.g. interested in partnering to identify new therapeutic targets or collaborate if you are spearheading new technologies for molecule identification or drug delivery systems.

Furthermore, we are interested in licensing molecules or technologies in the areas outlined below:



  • Novel peptide and peptidomimetic insulins
    and GLP-1s
  • Focus on added benefit to glucose control:
    • CV improvement
    • Weight loss 


  • Proteins or peptides for obesity treatment:
    • Addressing comorbidities
    • Affecting e.g. appetite regulation and energy expenditure 


  • Novel subcutaneous bypassing therapies for haemophilia A and haemophilia with inhibitors 
  • Subcutaneous delivery of long-acting coagulation factors


  • NASH
  • Diabetic kidney disease
  • Cardiovascular disease


  • Technologies for expressing, modifying or producing proteins and peptides
  • Formulation and drug delivery technologies for proteins and peptides

"Our goal is to establish collaborative academic partnerships where we together discover and mature new innovative treatment options for patients. We will subsequently bring our joint scientific achievement to the market, by using our protein and peptide expertise along with our translational and clinical skills"

Uli Stilz, vice president, R&D Academic Partnerships

"Our vision is to drive innovation through healthy and productive alliances. We have the skills and experience within drug and device development to turn your ideas into treatment solutions for patients. We leverage our protein expertise to develop life-changing treatments for people living with chronic diseases."

Miriam Frieden, vice president, R&D Innovation Sourcing



Novo Nordisk focus and partnership history

Novo Nordisk is a protein- and peptide-based, focused healthcare company where R&D is about being committed to engineering proteins into safe and effective therapies for diabetes, obesity, haemophilia and growth disorders, and to developing new and improved delivery systems for people relying on our products. We are also committed to exploring and developing novel technologies for expressing, modifying or producing proteins and peptides.

We are dedicated to producing life-saving medicines by combining our scientific expertise and deep disease understanding with insights into what it is like to live with a serious chronic condition. Impactful partnerships between dedicated people were what originally prompted the creation of Novo Nordisk, so partnerships are an integral part of our history. For more information, see Novo Nordisk's history and the background of our founders.