How to contact us

If you are interested in engaging in an innovative partnership with us to benefit you, Novo Nordisk and people with diabetes, obesity, haemophilia or adjacent diseases of high unmet need, including the delivery systems these patients rely on, please contact Vice Presidents Miriam Frieden and Uli Stilz and their dedicated teams at

Where to meet us

We attend partnering events all over the world to meet with new potential partners. If you wish to arrange a meeting, please contact us.


Date   Event   Location
11-15 September 2017   EASD 2017   Lisbon, Portugal
26-27 September 2017   BioPharm America   Boston, MA
12-14 September 2017   NLS Days   Malmö, Sweden
11-13 October 2017   Bio-Japan   Yokohama, Japan
6-8 November 2017   BIO-Europe   Berlin, Germany

How our partnerships evolve over time

1. Identifying synergies

Our dedicated team of experts is constantly searching for well-suited collaborations where we can work with academia and biotech in strong partnerships to build on synergistic capabilities.

2. Building relationships

We build partnerships in numerous ways, tailored to the partners involved. But no matter the framework, we believe that a strong relationship is the foundation for a fruitful collaboration that develops both our partners and ourselves.

3. Fostering collaboration

We have well-established methodologies for working with our partners based on a long history of fruitful collaborations with diversified partners and cultures leveraging individual core competences.

4. Driving impact

We believe that partnerships with a clear scope in areas of mutual interest create the foundation for successful outcomes to the benefit of everyone involved, and ultimately the patients we serve.