Novo Nordisk Innovation Challenge aims at exploring, designing and co-developing solutions together with the wider innovation community.

Join one of our Innovation Challenges and find out what we can achieve together.

What is Innovation Challenges?

Current challenge

2019 - 2020

Help us transform into the circular economy

We invite startups to explore, design and co-develop innovations that can support us with:

- Circular Design

- Reuse and Recyling

Prizes include:

  • 25,000 Euro cash award
  • Mentoring by subject matter experts from Novo Nordisk
  • Opportunity to pilot an initiative with Novo Nordisk




Innovation challenge

The business case for sustainability in healthcare 

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Innovation challenge

"Renewed optimism": Reflections on the 2018-19 Novo Nordisk Innovation Challenge 

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Innovation challenge

Lyfebulb – Novo Nordisk Innovation Summit 2017

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