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At Novo Nordisk, our focus is to discover, develop and deliver innovative treatments that fundamentally improve the lives of people with serious chronic diseases. The future of pharmaceutical treatments is exciting, and our ambitions call for high levels of innovation and new ways of thinking. We are already advancing research into new treatment paradigms, including the first ever orally available protein-based treatment and stem cell therapies. We are also exploring new ways to make therapies more convenient for patients, and thereby more effective, by building digital solutions into our treatment offerings.

The next frontiers


Novo Nordisk scientists are working with pioneering approaches and potent new technologies to address complex and evolving health challenges across our therapy areas. Get a glimpse of our next frontiers below.


Future Science Infographic

Type 2 diabetes icon
Type 2 diabetes

  • Glucose responsive insulins 
  • Connected devices
  • Oral anti-diabetics
  • Cardiovascular benefit
  • Weight reduction



Type 1 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes

  • Glucose responsive insulins 
  • Connected devices
  • Curative stem cell treatment



  • > 20% weight reduction
  • Cardiovascular benefit



  • Cardiovascular secondary prevention




  • Availability of therapeutics
  • New modes of action




  • Subcutaneous delivery



future science drug

The future in a tablet

The vast majority of patients prefer a daily tablet to an injection. However, proteins like insulin and GLP-1 are degraded in the gastrointestinal tract, posing a significant barrier to oral protein administration.

To address this significant unmet need, we are currently building new capabilities in oral delivery of therapeutic proteins across our therapy areas.  

Read how we are exploring the technology behind tablets

Our cutting edge science published

For decades, Novo Nordisk researchers have worked on oral delivery of peptides, and finally we have the evidence to support the specific mechanism for absorption of the peptide hormone GLP-1 in a co-formulation with SNAC (red staining on picture)  in the stomach. The research findings were recently published in Science Translational Medicine.

Read the publication

science opportunitie

New opportunities through connected devices

Digital health technology is rapidly transforming healthcare. As well as creating unique opportunities to empower patients through the delivery of supporting tools, services and programmes, it is also, ultimately, leading to clinically actionable insights and better health outcomes.

Harnessing connected device technologies enables us to improve patient health outcomes by generating insights into the real-world use of our therapies. By seamlessly measuring, tracking and sharing health data, we can support effective interactions between patients and their physicians or caregivers, and provide a more holistic picture of health to make self-care easier for people living with diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.

We are collaborating with entrepreneurs, start-ups and the broader healthcare innovation community to explore, design and co-develop digital health solutions.

science stem

New horizons in stem cell research

Stem cell-based therapy is emerging as a treatment option for many serious chronic diseases where there remain significant unmet medical needs. Building on many years of stem cell research, and decades of expertise in cell-based protein production, we are increasing our commitment to stem cell research and expanding our focus beyond type 1 diabetes through world-class partnerships.


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Our pipeline

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Review our clinical pipeline of new medicine candidates.

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Recent publications

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To contribute to the scientific community in our areas of expertise, we take pride in publishing our scientists’ new findings. Visit the library to review some of their recent work.


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