Instructions for use: Novo Nordisk pens and needles

Since providing the world’s first injection system more than 90 years ago, we have been committed to making drug delivery as simple and convenient as possible.

On this page you will find the instructions for use (IFU) for our durable pens and devices in your language.

Our full range may not be available in your country. Please ask your doctor or nurse if you have any questions.

Diabetes pens

NovoPen 4®

NovoPren 4 - silver version

NovoPen 5®

NovoPen 5 - blue


NovoFine Autocover®

Novofine Autocover


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NordiFlex PenMate®

NovoFlex PenMate


Belgium | Denmark | Finland | France | Italy | Norway | Sweden | UK

FlexPro® PenMate®

FlexPro PenMate

NovoFine Remover

NovoFine Remover


All countries