Novo Nordisk products

Below is a list of Novo Nordisk’s products. The list provides an overview of European trade names with accompanying generic names. Trade and generic names may differ in other markets.

Links to more details on the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) webpage are provided for those products that have been granted a central marketing authorisation by the European Commission.

Therapeutic Area

Trade name

Generic name

Diabetes care    
New-generation insulin Tresiba® Insulin degludec
  Ryzodeg® 70/30  Insulin degludec/insulin aspart 
  Xultophy®* Insulin degludec/liraglutide
  Fiasp® Insulin aspart
Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Victoza® Liraglutide
  Ozempic® Semaglutide
Modern insulin NovoRapid® ** Insulin aspart
  NovoRapid®  PumpCart® Prefilled insulin pump cartridge
  Levemir® insulin detemir
  NovoMix® 30 Biphasic insulin aspart
  NovoMix® 50 Biphasic insulin aspart
  NovoMix® 70 Biphasic insulin aspart
Human insulin Insulatard® Human insulin 
  Actrapid® Human insulin 
  Mixtard® 30 Biphasic human insulin 
  Mixtard® 40 Biphasic human insulin 
  Mixtard® 50 Biphasic human insulin 
Oral antidiabetic agent NovoNorm® Repaglinide
Diabetes devices FlexTouch® Prefilled insulin delivery system
  FlexPen® Prefilled insulin delivery system
  NovoPen® 4 Durable insulin delivery system
  NovoPen® 5 Durable insulin delivery system with memory function
  NovoPen Echo® Durable insulin delivery system
  InnoLet® Prefilled insulin delivery system
  NovoFine® Needle
  NovoFine® Plus Needle
  NovoFine® AutoCover®   Needle
  NovoTwist® Needle
  GlucaGen® Glucagon
Obesity Saxenda® Liraglutide 3 mg
Haemophilia NovoSeven® Recombinant factor VIIa
  NovoEight®*** Recombinant factor VIII
  NovoThirteen® Recombinant factor XIII
  Refixia®**** Nonacog beta pegol; N9/GP
Growth disorders Norditropin® Somatropin (rDNA origin)
  Norditropin® FlexPro® Prefilled multidose delivery system
  Norditropin® Nordiflex Prefilled multidose delivery system
  NordiPen® Prefilled multidose delivery system
  PenMate® Automatic needle inserter
  NordiLet® Prefilled multidose delivery system
Hormone replacement therapy Activelle® Estradiol/norethisterone acetate
  Estrofem® Estradiol
  Novofem® Estradiol/norethisterone acetate
  Vagifem® Estradiol hemihydrate


  Liraglutide 3 mg

* in the US approved under the brand name Xultophy® 100/3.6. 

** in the US called NovoLog®

*** in the US spelt Novoeight®

**** in the US approved under the name of REBINYN®