Obesity treatment

Have you been diagnosed with obesity? The good news is that there are steps you can take to lose weight. Based on your BMI range and other health factors, your doctor may recommend one or more of the following options.

Lifestyle therapy

Lifestyle therapy

If you have a BMI at or above 25, the first line of obesity treatment is lifestyle therapy. This means diet and exercise, but also counselling and other types of personal support to help you make lifestyle changes and overcome barriers to weight loss1. Unfortunately, while lifestyle therapy helps many people with obesity to lose weight, it is not always sufficient to maintain weight loss over time2,3.

Pharmacotherapy for obesity

Anti-obesity medications

If your BMI is 30 or above, or if you have obesity-related complications, and do not achieve significant weight loss with lifestyle therapy alone, then your doctor may recommend anti-obesity medication as additional treatment4. Anti-obesity medications can help you to lose weight by reducing your appetite and changing the way your body absorbs food5.

Bariatric procedures

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery – also known as bariatric surgery – is a third line of treatment for obesity management. Your doctor may recommended this option if your BMI is 40 or above and you also have obesity-related health complications. 

Benefits of losing weight

Even small improvements in your weight can make a big difference to your health and general wellbeing. A weight loss of 5% can reduce your risk of developing obesity-related complications and enhance your quality of life.

What are the benefits of a weight loss of 5% or more?



A serious chronic disease that demands innovative new treatments

Despite the fact that there is now a better understanding of the science behind obesity, medical treatment options remain limited. At Novo Nordisk, our scientists are working to develop new medicines to help people manage this serious chronic disease.


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A serious chronic disease that demands innovative new treatments

Obesity perspectives

Obesity perspectives

Like so many people living with obesity, Vicki Mooney has had to battle both her own guilt and the weight bias imposed by others. Today, she is an author and advocate for body positivity among women.


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Putting people at the heart of innovation

Putting people at the heart of innovation

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