Patient resources

At Novo Nordisk, we are committed to improving the understanding and management of obesity as a disease. 

For information about the research that Novo Nordisk is conducting in obesity and updates about our clinical trials, please visit our dedicated website

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The World Health Organization:

  • The obesity disease section of the World Health Organization website contains additional information about obesity related statistics, diagnosis and associated health risks.
Patient & research organisations

EASO patient council:

  • The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) is a dedicated resource for patient advocates, as well as other stakeholders and representatives.  
  • The EASO patient portal contains a patient specific Twitter feed, as well as  resources including a Patient Spotlight Series, Patient Council webcasts, position statements and practical tips for people with obesity.
World Obesity Federation:
  • The World Obesity Federation represents a global community of organisations dedicated to tackling the obesity crisis
  • The organisation’s mission is to lead and drive global efforts to reduce, prevent and treat obesity.

Obesity Action Coalition:

  • The Obesity Action Coalition is a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to giving a voice to individuals living with obesity and promoting better health through education, advocacy and support. Their website features many valuable resources, including guidance on using people-first language for obesity.