Growth hormone pens

Which growth hormone pen is right for my child?

For children who need daily growth hormone injections, improvements and advancements in device design have made a big difference. Today, there are pens with many different useful features to choose from. To help you and your doctor choose the device that best suits your child's individual needs, it's worth considering the sort of features you would look for in an injection device. For example: 

  • How easy will the device be to inject, and how easy will it be to learn? 
  • Would you prefer a device that can hide the needle?
  • Is the device lightweight and easy to hold?

Why the right device matters

Making sure your child takes his/her growth hormone every day is one of the key ways of ensuring a successful outcome of the treatment. Research suggests that 3 factors can help encourage people to take their growth hormone injections regularly:

  • A simple injection device
  • An easy-to-learn injection technique
  • Minimising injection pain and anxiety  



FlexPro® is the latest prefilled pen from Novo Nordisk that offers a new delivery experience for users.

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NordiFlex® helps make injections easier as it comes ready to use. No reconstitution or loading is necessary.

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NordiPen® is one of the most widely used durable GHT pens in the world. It is simple, accurate and convenient to use.

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NordiLet® is a prefilled easy-to-use device. A flexible pen for a more flexible life.

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Availability of Novo Nordisk growth hormone devices and strengths varies by country.

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