This information is not designed to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Please consult your healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns about your child's condition.

Kid pack

The information on this page is intended for children aged 2–12 years. It is not designed to replace the advice of your doctor or nurse. You and your parents should always talk to your doctor or nurse about exercise and any questions you may have about your diabetes.

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What is diabetes?

The basics for newly diagnosed children.

How do I take insulin?

Description of different insulin devices and how to use them.

What should I eat?

Tips on how to eat correctly to manage your blood sugar level.

How do I fit diabetes
into my life?

About day-to-day adjustments you should make to keep doing everything that children
without diabetes can do.

FAQs and dictionary

Common questions and
answers from a young person's perspective, as well as an
explanation of common terms related to diabetes.

Diabetes diary

A simple chart to use every day to help keep track of your blood sugar levels, insulin dose, meals/snacks and activity.

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