At school: older children and students

Some young people with diabetes go to school with a pump and some use injections.

However you take your insulin, be prepared for each school day:

Check your medication supply

Check your food supply if necessary – lunch and snacks as required

Check that teachers are informed about your condition 

Check you have contact details with you

Type 1 patient (P.J) on laptop, sitting outside

Our School training manual contains some top tips for school days. 

You can do physical education (PE), but you might need to check your blood glucose levels before starting and be prepared to have a little snack beforehand, halfway through, or afterwards.

You can go on school trips, but be sure that you have enough medication, that food supplied will be suitable, snacks will be available for you and that a trained person will be available to administer treatment or deal with emergencies, if required.

Carry the phone numbers of your parents or doctor/nurse just in case you get ill. Your parents will need to talk to your teacher before a trip to make sure everyone knows about your diabetes and if you need help testing your blood or injecting insulin. 

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