Introducing FlexPen®

FlexPen® has, for over a decade, been helping millions of patients with diabetes worldwide to inject their insulin. 

Dose Force

Lower dose force vs. SoloSTAR® and KwikPen®

Patients with diabetes prefer a lower injection force


Colour-coded pens 

Identification made easy


Significantly better dose accuracy vs SoloSTAR®

Trust FlexPen® to deliver an accurate dose, time after time


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Patient holding a FlexPen®
Labelled diagram of FlexPen®

Your FlexPen® is pre-filled with insulin or GLP-1 so that you don’t have to load it

Your pen is colour-coded for easy identification

Doses are provided in one unit increments and in fixed doses for GLP-1

The dose-setting mechanism does not allow a dose larger than that remaining in the pen to be administered


Correct a dose easily by simply dialling back or forth

The dosing scale automatically returns to zero after your injection

Environmental impact

FlexPen® is chosen by people who care about their carbon footprint. We have estimated that the daily environmental impact of using FlexPen® is equivalent to that of having a cup of tea – an environmentally sound choice!

As the world’s leading pharmaceutical company for sustainability, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our products throughout our manufacturing processes and product lifecycles.

As an example of our dedication to the environment, Novo Nordisk is committed to using 100% renewable power at production sites by 2020.

How to inject with FlexPen®

To help you get the most out of using your FlexPen®, watch our Quick Guide video or download this Injection Guide.

For full instructions on how to use your FlexPen®, read the Instructions for Use that comes with your pen.

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