How to inject with NovoTwist®

Attach and remove your NovoTwist® needle with one, swift ‘just twist’ technique. The needle snaps in place with a click you can hear so that you can be confident it is attached correctly.

Remove paper tab

Step 1:

Take a new needle and tear off the paper tab 

Push needle onto the pen

Step 2:

Push the needle straight onto the pen 

Twist needle on

Step 3:

Turn until it is on tight

Remove outer cap

Step 4:

Pull off the blue outer needle cap and keep it for later

Remove inner cap

Step 5:

To reveal the needle pull off the clear inner needle cap and throw it away 

Inject insulin

Step 6:

Inject by following the Instructions for Use that comes with your insulin pen

Replace outer cap

Step 7:

Replace the blue outer needle cap 

Twist to remove cap

Step 8:

Twist to remove the needle from the pen and dispose of your needle safely

Inject into the right part of the skin


The medicine has to be injected into the fatty layer of the skin called the subcutaneous layer


NovoTwist® comes in 8 mm and 5 mm lengths



The length of the needle could influence which injection technique you should use to ensure your medicine is correctly injected



Shorter needles such as NovoTwist® 5 mm, can be used regardless of BMI and reduces the risk of painful injections into muscle


Your doctor or nurse will be able to tell you which technique is best for you

Always use a new needle

Remember that pen needles are sterile products designed for single use only

Reusing a needle could:


damage the needle tip and protective coating, making injections more painful and causing bleeding or bruising


result in blockage, making it more difficult to deliver your medicine during the next injection


increase the risk of breakage, which can damage your skin



Correct needle disposal

To reduce the risk of injury to others, pen needles should be disposed of in a puncture-resistant container, such as a “sharps container”, according to local regulations. Check local recommendations for discarding medical waste.

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