How to inject 

At-a-glance instructions:


Check the last dose


Make sure the dose counter shows “0” before you start


To activate the dose memory at the end of the dose button, pull out the dose button and push it back in


The display on the end of the pen will then show details of your last dose for 10 seconds



Each segment round the outside of the display represents an hour passed since the last injection


The number in the middle shows the number of units last injected

NovoPen Echo® memory display
Removing pen cap

Prepare your pen

Pull off the pen cap and twist the pen apart 

If the rod is sticking out, push it all the way back in

Inserting insulin cartridge

Insert an insulin cartridge if one isn’t fitted already

Take a new insulin cartridge and check that:




it contains the correct insulin, which looks as it should*



it has no cracks or damage

Slide the cartridge into the cartridge holder, colour coded cap end first

Put the pen back together and twist it until you feel or hear a click*

Attaching needle

Attach a new needle

You must always use a new needle for each injection. This reduces the risk of blocked needles, contamination, infection and inaccurate dosing. Take a new needle, and tear off the paper tab

Push the needle straight onto the pen. Turn until it is on tight

Pull off the outer needle cap and save it

Pull off the inner needle cap and throw it away

Pushing dose button

Test the flow

ALWAYS test the flow before you inject

Pull out the dose button and turn it to select 2 units

Keep the pen upright and press the dose button all the way in until the dose counter shows 0

The insulin flow test is complete when you see insulin squirt from the needle tip. A drop at the needle tip is not enough. If no squirt is expelled, change the needle and repeat the process. This removes air bubbles and gaps, and ensures the medicine is flowing properly

Turning dose selector

Select your dose

Pull out the dose button, if it is not already out.

Make sure the dose counter shows “0” before you start

Turn the dose button until the white dose indicator lines up with the required number of units 

The dose button is able to turn backwards, as well as forwards, in case the wrong dose has been selected 

No insulin will be released until the dose button is pressed

Injecting insulin

Inject your dose

Push the needle into your skin/your child’s skin, then press the dose button until you feel or hear a click and the dose indicator lines up with “0”

Leave the needle under the skin and slowly count to six before removing the needle

Remove the needle from
the pen

Carefully push the outer needle cap over the needle

Unscrew the needle safely and throw it away

Replace the pen cap

*If you have been prescribed a premixed suspension such as biphasic insulin aspart, it will not be clear. You will then have to re-suspend your insulin: Hold the pen horizontally between your palms and roll it 10 times. Make sure that the insulin is uniformly white and cloudy.

If you have any concerns about injecting yourself/the person you care for, you can find more information about it in these sections:

Top tips to making your injections more comfortable

See what other patients have to say

Read our guide on successful self-injecting

Parent and kids packs

Do not share your NovoPen Echo®  needles or Penfill® cartridges with other people. Sharing the pen can result in the spread of infections from one person to another even if the needle is changed.

Never share your pen with
anyone else – stick to the
‘one pen, one person’ rule!

Correct needle disposal

To reduce the risk of injury to others, pen needles should be disposed of in a puncture-resistant container, such as a “sharps container”, according to local regulations. Check local recommendations for discarding medical waste.

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